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Analysis in a nutshell: Server used for this website is located in TR; Turkey; Europe/Istanbul; 41.02140000; 28.99480000. Alexa ranking is, at this time, at 854 143. We also want to add that the Alexa Global position for has changed by -319 over the past 3 months. We are missing the registration date for this domain. The homepage contains 5 off-bound links.
Website summary: Uzun zamandir bluebox bbs ve diğer sitelerde aktif olarak yazı yazmakta zorluk çekiyordum. Bundan sonra mümkün oldukça daha sık yazı yazacağım... Özellikle 166
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TR; Turkey; Europe/Istanbul; 41.02140000;
TR; Turkey; Europe/Istanbul; 41.02140000;
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Global/International rating:854 143
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