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Domain: DNS: Registered: 2012-07-06 Expires: 2017-07-31 Registration period: 1 year VID: no Dnssec: Unsigned delegation Status: Active Registrant Handle: FBB28-DK Name: FONDEN BSS BOOKS Address: Fuglesangs Alle 4 Postalcode: 8210 City: Aarhus V Country: DK Phone: 86155777 Administrator Handle: FBB28-DK Name: FONDEN BSS BOOKS Address: Fuglesangs Alle 4 Postalcode: 8210 City: Aarhus V Country: DK Phone: 86155777 Nameservers Hostname: Handle: AUD2-DK Hostname: Handle: AUD2-DK Hostname: Handle: AUD2-DK

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  1. fuglesangs alle 4
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  1. 86155777
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DK; Denmark; Europe/Copenhagen; 55.71230000;
DK; Denmark; Europe/Copenhagen; 55.71230000;
NL; Netherlands; NH; North Holland; Amsterdam; 1098 xh; Europe/Amsterdam; 52.35280000;
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Physical server location:DK; Denmark; Europe/Copenhagen; 55.71230000; 12.05640000
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