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Analysis in a nutshell: Server used for this website is located in LU; Luxembourg; Europe/Luxembourg; 49.75000000; 6.16670000. Alexa ranking is, at this time, at 695 758. We also want to add that the Alexa Global position for has changed by -7 539 over the past 3 months. Date of registry for this domain: 95/5/15. The homepage contains 2 off-bound links.
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domainname: domaintype: ACTIVE nserver: nserver: ownertype: ORGANISATION registered: 15/05/1995 org-name: Lux-Development S.A. org-address: 10 rue de la Grève org-address: PoBox 2273 org-zipcode: 1022 org-city: Luxembourg org-country: LU adm-name: Bernard Niedzielski adm-address: Lux-Development S.A. adm-address: 10 rue de la Grève adm-zipcode: 1022 adm-city: Luxembourg adm-country: LU adm-email: No email disclosed tec-name: Jean Francois La Rocca tec-address: tec-address: 10 rue de la Grève tec-zipcode: 1643 tec-city: Luxembourg tec-country: LU tec-email: No email disclosed registrar-name: Fondation RESTENA registrar-email: No email disclosed registrar-url: registrar-country: LU

Domain Address Reg. date:95/5/15
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LU; Luxembourg; Europe/Luxembourg; 49.75000000; 6.16670000ns3.vsenet.net217.31.71.30
DE; Germany; SL; Saarland; Puettlingen; 66346; Europe/Berlin; 49.30540000; 6.90180000ns1.vsenet.net212.88.128.10
DE; Germany; SL; Saarland; Puettlingen; 66346; Europe/Berlin; 49.30540000; 6.90180000ns4.vsenet.net212.88.128.70
LU; Luxembourg; Europe/Luxembourg; 49.75000000; 6.16670000ns2.vsenet.net217.31.66.232
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Physical server location:LU; Luxembourg; Europe/Luxembourg; 49.75000000; 6.16670000
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