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Website meta caption: õ ϴ Դϴ.
Analysis in a nutshell: Server used for this website is located in KR; Republic of Korea; Asia/Seoul; 37.51120000; 126.97410000. Alexa ranking is, at this time, at 268 230. We also want to add that the Alexa Global position for has changed by -61 153 over the past 3 months. We are missing the registration date for this domain. The homepage contains 2 off-bound links.
Website summary: 천연석만 취급하는 스톤케이입니다. 48
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query : 도메인이름 : 등록인 : 유붕선 책임자 : 유붕선 책임자 전자우편 : No email disclosed 등록일 : 2013. 01. 09. 최근 정보 변경일 : 2013. 01. 09. 사용 종료일 : 2018. 01. 09. 정보공개여부 : N 등록대행자 : 코리아센터닷컴( DNSSEC : 미서명 1차 네임서버 정보 호스트이름 : IP 주소 : 2차 네임서버 정보 호스트이름 : IP 주소 : 호스트이름 : 호스트이름 : 네임서버 이름이 .kr이 아닌 경우는 IP주소가 보이지 않습니다. Domain Name : Registrant : ryu bung sun Administrative Contact(AC) : ryu bung sun AC E-Mail : No email disclosed Registered Date : 2013. 01. 09. Last Updated Date : 2013. 01. 09. Expiration Date : 2018. 01. 09. Publishes : N Authorized Agency : KOREACENTER.COM( DNSSEC : unsigned Primary Name Server Host Name : IP Address : Secondary Name Server Host Name : IP Address : Host Name : Host Name : 상기 정보는 UTF-8 인코딩되어 서비스되고 있습니다. EUC-KR 인코딩 서비스는 oldwhois.kisa.or.kr에서 서비스 되고 있습니다. The above information is encoded with UTF-8 EUC-KR encoding WHOIS is being serviced in this - KISA/KRNIC WHOIS Service -

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KR; Republic of Korea; 11; Seoul; Seoul; Asia/Seoul; 37.51110000; 126.97430000ns2.makeshop.com58.120.225.130
KR; Republic of Korea; Asia/Seoul; 37.51120000; 126.97410000ns1.makeshop.com121.78.48.5
KR; Republic of Korea; Asia/Seoul; 37.51120000; 126.97410000ns2.makeshop.kr27.1.15.11
KR; Republic of Korea; Asia/Seoul; 37.51120000; 126.97410000ns1.makeshop.kr203.238.183.5
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Data unavailable오닉스Data unavailable
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Data unavailable묵주Data unavailable
Data unavailable은팔찌Data unavailable
Data unavailable염주팔찌Data unavailable
Data unavailable탄생석Data unavailable
Data unavailable원석팔찌Data unavailable
Data unavailable남자팔찌Data unavailable
Data unavailable힐링Data unavailable
Data unavailable천연석Data unavailable
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Last Alexa data update:18/6/7
Ranking delta:-61 153
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Global/International rating:268 230
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Physical server location:KR; Republic of Korea; Asia/Seoul; 37.51120000; 126.97410000
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