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History for Kids For Kids, Nile River, Gods, Maps and Pyramids
We are not maker of Egyptian History . We are made by Ancient Egyptian History - Ancient Egypt For Kids, Egyptian Gods, Art, Facts, Maps, Egyptian Pyramids
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Subscription Box for Kids | World History for Kids
An exciting history subscription box for kids aged 7-11. Includes a story book, a history book, puzzles, craft, stickers & more! First stop: Ancient Egypt.
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The History of Art and The Curious Lives of Famous Painters
A complete history of the art periods and movements in the history of art.
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Kemet Way is a contemporary 'Way of Life' derived from Kemetic Spirituality and the Kemetic Way of Life, and the African Way Life, Spirituality and Religion in general. Kemet Way Info-Site offer information on Kemet history, Kemet Communalism, Kemet Religion, Kemet Spirituality. Including the history of Kemet, Egypt, Ta-Nehasi, Nubia, Ta-Seti, Ethiopia, Sudan, Sumer, Harappan, Indus, Dravidian, Olmec, Civilizations; and the Ntcheru / Ntcheru / Egyptian Gods - Amen, Atum, Ptah, Ra, Nu, Shu, Geb, Nut, Ausar, Auset, Maat, Heru, Tehuti / Jehuti, Set, Het-Heru. Kemet Pharaohs, Kemet Ceremonies, Kemet Rituals, Kemet Gods. Kemet Way info-site on Kemet Communalism - African (Kemetic / Egyptian) Religion / Philosophy, Government, Ntcheru / Gods, History, Way of Life, and Ta-Nefer Ankh Organization - including Ankh Institute, Par Ankh and Kemet Digest
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The Egypt Geek
The Egypt Geek is a colorful, modern blog dedicated to making learning about ancient Egypt & the ancient world understandable and enjoyable for everyone!
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The Royal Titulary of Ancient Egypt -
The names of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, with detailed hieroglyphs and sources showing how their names reached us.
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Ancient Egypt Facts For Kids, Nile River, Gods, Maps and Pyramids
We are not maker of Egyptian History . We are made by Ancient Egyptian History - Ancient Egypt For Kids, Egyptian Gods, Art, Facts, Maps, Egyptian Pyramids
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aviation history from the very beginning - prehistoric flight - human origins skulls population family tree - aircraft photos sounds movies selected news - life in universe or are we alone - astronomy sun planets space time - ancient civilizations
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Manchester Ancient Egypt Society | The UK's oldest Egyptology Society
The Manchester Ancient Egypt Society welcomes everyone with an interest in ancient Egyptian history. The oldest and largest Egyptology society in the UK, we organise an annual programme of lectures from visiting Egyptology professionals, as well as conferences, study days and regular trips to Egyptology collections in the UK and further afield. You can find out more about…
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The American University in Cairo Press
Established in 1960 and reorganized in 1984, the AUC Press has become the Middle East’s leading English-language publishing house.
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When We Ruled - 2nd Edition : The Ancient and Medieval History of Black Civilisations
The 2nd edition of this superbly illustrated landmark publication provides an extraordinary and cutting-edge synthesis of the archaeological data, the documentary evidence, and the historical linguistic research. It recounts the fascinating story of the origin and development of indigenous civilisations across the vast panorama of the African continent. In the second edition, the author answers a key question in Black history: How much documented history is there beyond the Slave Trade, Mary Seacole, and Malcolm X ? 818 pages
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!Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours & Well Within - Tours to Ireland, England, Cornwall, Wales, France, Greece, Crete, Malta, Egypt, Switzlerland, Norway, Hawaii, New Zealand & More; Homesudy Courses for Nurses; Online Courses; Holistic Health
Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours to Ireland, England, Scotland, Cornwall, Wales (Celtic) & Greece, Crete, Malta, Egypt, France, Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand & Hawaii &Homestudy Courses for Nurses
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AFRICAN KINGDOMS - Kingdoms of Ancient African History
Africa was the birthplace of civilization, humanity. An agent shaping world history
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Earth's ancient history from the earliest times untill 1000 BC, Gods of Sumer, Akkad, Babylonia,, Nibiru
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Europe as Israel History : Empire
Ancient history : Fraud of chronology : Ancient Egypt ,Ancient Greece
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Love Egypt Ancient and Modern, Mystery, Wonders and Civilization
Nowhere but in Egypt are there so many marvellous things, nor in the world besides are to be seen so many things of unspeakable greatness, Said Herodotus
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The Podcast History of Our World
A podcast blog of the history of the world, covering homo sapiens from our earliest ancestors to the modern age and all the good parts in between.
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Stephen Biesty - Illustrator
Stephen Biesty has worked as a freelance illustrator since 1985 creating a wide variety of information books for both adults and children.
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  • Website address in use until: 18/9/28 - Facts and Information About the History of Ancient Egypt is the leading site for information about Ancient Egypt. It features an extensive online archive of articles and images about the pyramids, Egyptian history and society.
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NINO Leiden
NINO initiates, supports, and conducts scholarly research in the civilizations of the Near East from the ancient to the early modern period. In particular, it concentrates on the archaeology, history, languages, and cultures of Egypt, Levant, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, and Persia.
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Historia y Arqueología
La publicación digital líder de los amantes de la Historia y la Arqueología. Pionera en la divulgación y servicios culturales desde el año 1998.
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Atlantis and the Atlanteans
Atlantis. The Teachings of Thoth the Atlantean expounded in the Emerald Tablets. Hermes Trismegistus. The Divine Atlanteans continue Their work of helping people. Divine alchemy.
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Museum Store - Museum Jewelry, Gifts, Art Artifacts Company Shop
Museum Store Company : Museum Store, Historic Jewelry, Art, Artifact, Museum Shop Art History & Jewelry Reprodutions. From greek mythology, ancient egypt, ancient greece, egyptian, medieval, aztec, mayan, decor, history, unique gifts to unusual gifts, fossils, to art history and antique jewelry!
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Em Hotep - Egyptology for the Layperson and the Scholar
Everything Egypt from Pyramids and pharaohs, tombs and temples, ancient mysteries and modern theories
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Virtual-Egypt - The Egyptian People's Papyrus
An educational resource about ancient Egypt. Learn about pyramids, hieroglyphics, mummys, view articles, photos and multimedia. Come on in today and learn more about Egyptian history.
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Professor McGinty's Amazing Time Travel Detective Tales and 'Mobile Museum is a unique way of teaching history; using 805 images, 44 soundbites, 19 videos throughout 215 pages. The Most Comprehensive Website in Primary and Junior Education History Key Stage Two. Subjects are Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Roman Britain, The Vikings, The Tudors, The Victorians and World War II
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Miniature Wargaming Information on Warhammer Alexander the Great, how to paint military miniature soldiers, ancient battle maps, miniature wargaming rules, alexander the great's campaigns
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Вопросы истории
    Journey to the Source | African History Worldwide
    An online resource on ancient African history worldwide, including Egypt, India, America and Cambodia.
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    Welcome to  Discover History Established in 2003, Discover History is Paul Harding and Helen Lee who are both professional historical performers that like to concentrate on providing historical accuracy and authenticity through demonstrating the personal lives of how our ancestors lived, worked and enjoyed their pastimes. Covering over a million years of history We offer an interactive and hands-on experience to people of all ages and abilities. This provides an opportunity to handle both real and historically accurate replica artefacts and to find out more by talking to our friendly and knowledgeable historical interpreters. What we can do for you We have a range of services that we can offer you all year round. Living history displays for visitor attractions, a wide variety of school workshops and practical history sessions, specialist lectures and reminiscence sessions, village fetes, fayres and media work are all possible. But it need not stop there! If you have an idea, please ask, it may well be possible! Why us? We aim to be accurate in our interpretations and continuously research the periods we portray. All the replica objects we use are based on archaeological finds and other evidence from primary sources to give as real an experience of the past as we possibly can.
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    Time Trips KS2 Primary History and Science Workshops
    Time Trips KS2 ancient history workshops based in the north west
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    Horrid History - Home
    This website is dedicated to teaching history in a new, unorthodox way.
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    King Tut
    King Tut! Visit this site dedicated to providing information about the facts, history and people in the life of the Pharoah King Tut.Fast and accurate facts about the King Tut.
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    Egypt gift shop | Egyptian souvenirs, personalized presents, papyrus, silver, cotton T-shirts and travel shopping
    Egypt gift shop is an online gift shop for Egyptian gifts and souvenirs where you can buy online some beautiful Egyptian artifacts and handmade gifts. There are all sorts of ancient Egyptian merchandise like papyrus paintings, Egyptian statues, Hieroglyphic silver cartouches , Egyptian silver jewelry, mother of pearl boxes, Egyptian cotton T shirts, leather wallets. have a Hieroglyphic cartouche with your name, a painted picture on papyrus and Egyptian Hieroglyphic T-shirt. Egypt has an ancient history dating back thousands of years ago. Millions of people are fascinated by Egypt history and love to travel to Egypt and buy something to remind them of that history.
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    The History of Glass - Glass Facts
    In 1500BC glass making started in Egypt. The first metal blow pipe appeared in the 1st century BC and glass making by glassblowing technique soared during the Roman Empire.
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    Ancient Mysteries of the World
    Ancient mysteries of the world - Explore lost civilizations, ancient ruins, sacred writings, unexplained artifacts, science mysteries, alien
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    Ancient Egyptians for kids ***
    Visit the world of ancient Egypt and read about the zzzz. Discover fascinating facts and information about the zzzz of ancient Egypt. Interesting facts about the zzzz, ideal for kids, research and schools.
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    Archaeology Answers About Ancient Civilizations Indus River Valley, Ancient Maps of the World, Ancient India Civilizations, Ancient China Civilization, Strange Pictures, Dead Men's Secrets, Lost Technology, and more...
    Archaeology Answers About Ancient Civilizations Indus River Valley, Ancient Maps of the World, Ancient India Civilizations, Ancient China Civilization, Strange Pictures, Dead Men's Secrets, Lost Technology, and more...
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    Ancient Egypt: the Mythology and egyptian myths
    Ancient Egypt: the Mythology is *the* most comprehensive site on ancient Egyptian mythology on the web. It features over 40 gods and goddesses, 30 symbols and complete myths. Also featured are articles about egyptian culture and history.
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    School of the Ancient Alkebu-lanic Mystic Rites
    History and education through the ancient African cultural lens
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    Egypt and Art
    limited edition lithographs and paintings of ancient egyptian art, archeology, mythology and dynastic history
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    Colette Dowell Circular Times Alternative Magazine
    Official Website of Dr. Colette Dowell - Circular Times is the original creation of Dr. Colette Dowell Robert Schoch in mental ward Broughton -Dowell will maintain previous links. Circular Times since 1995 first publishing on research in alternative archaeology, astronomy, quantum physics, sacred sites, spiritual - cultural cosmology, Bosnian Pyramids, redating the Sphinx - Robert Schoch, Stonehenge, Gerald Hawkins, Egypt & pyramids, temples & mounds, the very early Face on Mars, Crop Circles, UFO sightings, Alien and ETs among us, alternative energy, alternative medicine, just about all of the new fascinating studies of our times. Dr. Colette Dowell has made innumerable contributions in her own right; you will find her work cited in many books, papers, and documentaries. Dr. Dowell has an incredibly sharp mind, a wonderful sense of being, and an approach to anomalous phenomena and ancient mysteries that is simultaneously both broadminded and refreshingly skeptical. She shares her appreciation through publishing Circular Times, which is full of discoveries, curious thoughts, ancient texts, various trends of philosophies, cultural traits, and indigenous cosmology throughout history.
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    Egypt Tour, Pyramids of Giza , Luxor ,Sphinx,Nile Cruise,Tut
    Cairo Egypt Touring Egypt with Egyptomania your "go to" source for the Pyramids of Giza, Sinai, Ancient Egypt, Valley of the Kings, the Great Sphinx
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