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Website meta caption: 시디로프트♩ 국내 최대 중고음반쇼핑몰. 음악CD 삽니다! 가요, 팝, 록, 클래식 등 전장르 음반 판매
Analysis in a nutshell: Server used for this website is located in KR; Republic of Korea; Asia/Seoul; 37.51120000; 126.97410000. Alexa ranking is, at this time, at 269 084. We also want to add that the Alexa Global position for has changed by -43 877 over the past 3 months. We are missing the registration date for this domain. The homepage contains 2 off-bound links.
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query : 룄硫붿씤씠由 : 벑濡앹씤 : 젙洹쒖 梨낆엫옄 : 젙洹쒖 梨낆엫옄 쟾옄슦렪 : No email disclosed 벑濡앹씪 : 2005. 03. 05. 理쒓렐 젙蹂 蹂寃쎌씪 : 2011. 04. 07. 궗슜 醫낅즺씪 : 2020. 03. 05. 젙蹂닿났媛쒖뿬遺 : N 벑濡앸뻾옄 : (二)썑씠利( DNSSEC : 誘몄꽌紐 1李 꽕엫꽌踰 젙蹂 샇뒪듃씠由 : 2李 꽕엫꽌踰 젙蹂 샇뒪듃씠由 : IP 二쇱냼 : 샇뒪듃씠由 : 샇뒪듃씠由 : IP 二쇱냼 : 꽕엫꽌踰 씠由꾩씠 .kr씠 븘땶 寃쎌슦뒗 IP二쇱냼媛 蹂댁씠吏 븡뒿땲떎. Domain Name : Registrant : Gyujun Jung Administrative Contact(AC) : Gyujun Jung AC E-Mail : No email disclosed Registered Date : 2005. 03. 05. Last Updated Date : 2011. 04. 07. Expiration Date : 2020. 03. 05. Publishes : N Authorized Agency : Whois Corp.( DNSSEC : unsigned Primary Name Server Host Name : Secondary Name Server Host Name : IP Address : Host Name : Host Name : IP Address : 긽湲 젙蹂대뒗 UTF-8 씤肄붾뵫릺뼱 꽌鍮꾩뒪릺怨 엳뒿땲떎. EUC-KR 씤肄붾뵫 꽌鍮꾩뒪뒗 oldwhois.kisa.or.kr뿉꽌 꽌鍮꾩뒪 릺怨 엳뒿땲떎. The above information is encoded with UTF-8 EUC-KR encoding WHOIS is being serviced in this - KISA/KRNIC WHOIS Service -

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KR; Republic of Korea; Asia/Seoul; 37.51120000; 126.97410000ns2.cafe24.com1.226.85.4
KR; Republic of Korea; Asia/Seoul; 37.51120000; 126.97410000ns.cafe24.com112.175.246.226
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